PlantOhio is a non-profit church planting training school created to organize, implement and manage God’s resources most effectively for the purpose of reaching unchurched people across Cleveland and the multiple towns, villages and cities in NE Ohio. This will be done through establishing a Church Planting Center in the Cleveland Metropolitan area.  Church Planting Centers (CPCs) are environments where multiple disciples are intentionally selected, developed and sent to make disciples which results in new churches.

Jeff Calloway is the Director of PlantOhio. Jeff serves as Church Planting Catalyst with the North American Mission Board for the Send Cleveland initiative. Jeff has has experience starting healthy churches that are focused on going to all nations found in Matthew 28:19-20.

It is our plan that PlantOhio will be a disciple making center. Thsi type of CPC sees the value of traditional church planting strategies, it has at the heart of its strategy the multiplication, or the making of disciples by every day Christ-followers. From this disciple making emphasis within the harvest it sees the development of simple gatherings of new believers who have the potential of becoming a traditional church plant or becoming a network of small groups or house churches as the result of their disciple making activities. In many ways they have redefined what a church is – moving from a traditional model dependent upon a seminary trained, funded leader, with a worship center to something lead by everyday Christ followers who meet in homes or other, more personal venues.

Like church planting movements, this is highly relational, with the gospel flowing from one friend to another, from one family to another. Like the other scenarios, training and ongoing support is provided but as needed and in the context of relationships. Over the course of time certain leaders will emerge who have the ability to take the process and replicate it in a new setting or among a new group of people. As you can see, this model pictures the multiplication of disciples, leaders and small groups, that may or may not become a more traditional worship gathering or church, as the key to their success.